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We have been immersed in the audio industry for decades. We have watched the big players push out a never-ending flow of generic speakers that claim to be “the go anywhere, do anything speaker.” The reality is that this attempt to be everything to everyone almost always wins. The real world results are products full of trade offs and compromises so numerous that the speaker does nothing well.

Not us. We're going to enjoy this journey. We set out to build something special.


We set out to build a killer party speaker. The End.

We focused our collective experience in audio equipment development, sound engineering and manufacturing to make the speaker we have always wanted—a speaker to bring the music to where we enjoy it most; with our friends at parties.


We included key members of the global dance community as our advisers.

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As we worked to define our inaugural product we let go of conventions and expectations.

We endeavored to invent or integrate features that would prioritize and encourage inclusivity. 

We believe the Matti is proof that our focus on creating, and integrating, unique technologies, and getting real world feedback from our advisers, all in the pursuit of the worlds most awesome party speakers, has been a journey worth taking.


Tutti Speakers play loud, clear, have category leading bass performance, and provide unique "Party-centric" features. 


If most of your music listening is done just before your afternoon nap, our products likely aren't for you. If you want a sound experience that's capable of making your neighbors want to get up and bounce, you're in the right place.

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Liquid Dancefloor

"A portable dance floor, defined by sound". This was the inspiration, and starting point that led to the Matti, and the Liquid Dance Floor feature. 

With the simple flick of a switch, you can set a group of Matti speakers to perform Left, Center, Right, duties. 

The effect this creates is a completely immersive soundfield. You are literally "inside the music", if anything will make you want to get your groove on, it's The Liquid Dance Floor. 

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Emcee, Karaoke, Bawl... 

The Matti has a built in Microphone Pre-Amp, and ships with a mic. Use your phone to Bluetooth in some beats, instrumentals, or some Youtube Karaoke tracks. Broaden the impact of your voice by adding more Mattis to the system. With the touch of a single button, your voice will emerge in all it's glory, from all the speakers, wirelessly, in perfect unison. Boom.

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Bluetooth and PartyNet...

Every Matti houses two flavors of wireless technology.  

Bluetooth ensures that the Matti is compatible with every phone on the planet and guarantees a "Time to Boogie" of less than 30 seconds. No apps, no content restrictions. Just play.  

PartyNet seamlessly connects up to 8 Matti speakers with zero latency. As people arrive with their Matti's, the party grows in size, and sound.

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5 speakers, and some DSP that's designed to take a beating...

Permanent party duty requires seriously reliable speaker drivers that are well controlled. 

There are three different speaker driver designs in this 5 speaker configuration. 

One set leans more to the high frequencies, another rolls off a bit lower, but is still extremely wide range, it's more focused on the midrange, and then there's a larger speaker that's focused on creating sweet, sweet, low lows.

These speakers are all controlled by a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) that makes sure each speaker is getting the right information to play to it's strengths.


And yes, it's got a big fat battery... 

From full charge you'll get 10+ hours of party level sound. 


Life is a party. Bring the Music.